I don’t know about you, but seeing people having some wine was something far from usual for me. To be honest, I only gave wine a chance and decided to try it a few times, here and there, after I started travelling.

Nevertheless, all that stuff surrounding the wine world made it seem too complex to me. Leaving aside the fact that sometimes I just hated the feeling of astringency in my mouth, or other times it seemed too heavy for high temperatures, as in Brazil. Or even worse, a few times I just felt like a silly person that couldn’t understand how incredible this complexity was during a tasting. Until one fine day, when we moved to Spain.

Since then, bottles of wine have been taking the place of beer. Eventually, we really started enjoying this “new” drink. However, for a long time, we used to choose wines only by trial and error, almost counting on luck. Because of this, to not look silly as usual, I’ve started studying the basic concepts of this new world: a bit of theory, a lot of questions to people in stores/markets and a huge number of tastings. Studying wines has become my new hobby.

After some time, I noticed that not everything is so complex as we think. You don’t always have to worry about pairing or how delicate the notes are, almost undetectable for ordinary humans. Instead of complicating things even more, I realised that wine can be a good option to socialise after work, for example. Wine can be simple and delicious, without glamour or the ritual of opening a bottle.
That is why I decided to share what I’ve been learning with you. Of course, I will try to link these pieces of knowledge with wine tourism and good destinations.

It’s worthwhile to note that I’m not a sommelier, winemaker or winegrower. I will not pretend to look like an expert, I’m not. But I’d like to share a few “tips” that have been helping me a lot to understand, to fall in love more and more and to influence me to think about new styles of travelling.
Below, you will find an index about what is already available and what is coming.


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