If you is  kind who  likes trails and you are traveling around Bolivia certainly you will love the trail taht takes across from north to south of the Isla del Sol, in Titicaca Lake.


That hinking was in our itinerary of trip Bolivia – Peru, mainly because we needed some training before beginning the Camino Inca(a very famous trail to Machu Picchu). The south of the island is a lovely place. It has a good structure but so soon we saw a big problem: that part of island have some climbs  that become more difficult because of altitude. The lake is already almost 4000 meters of altitude and the highest point of the island is more or less only 300 meters above, in others words, climbing is a big effort.


Ok it’s time to talk about the hiking! So, as I said before, this trails takes across from north to south of the island and it takes more or less 3 hours to finish quietly and about distance, it have approximately 10 km. You may start the hike both north and south but is very common people choose to start from north. It happening because the south side have more hotels and restaurants. A lot of people prefer to begin from north early and finish the day in the south side to take some rest.


The biggest problem can be your own bag. If  you are there just for a day – to make the hiking and leave in the same day – Carrying your things with you isn’t a good idea. Some extra weight in the climb can be prejudicial and if you try to make a round trip you’ll fell very very tired. Remember yourself, if you aren’t accustomed with altitude, any physical effort can  tire  you 3x more. So, what do you do?

If you be on the south side and decide to start the trail north-south